Monday, June 13, 2011



Yes push - ups, I am serious. In fact if you want to know push - ups are a must have in your workout. Almost all of the body builders use push - ups to gain straight and muscle.

Why are push - ups important. Push-ups work four muscle groups at once. The shoulders, the chest, the triceps, and even the abs. Now as we all know the more muscle groups you train in your workout the more fat you burn. In other words, push - ups are not only good for muscle gains, but they are essentially good for fat loss too.

Most of the body builders think that push - ups are too weak for them, they say that they will not gain any muscle with this. Well actually this is true only for the BIG 100-120lbs body builders that can power lift up to 120lbs on one hand. But you always ad some weight on your back to make it a little bit harder.

If you are going to train you body by using the whole body workout then you must remember to ad this exercise to your workout. It will help you increase your metabolism (which will help for fat loss) and bring some really good muscle gains to the chest, triceps, abs, shoulders, and even the back.

OK you are asking for it. Yes there are push - up workouts that even the best body builders canno perform. The workout is called "7 minutes to hell" you might have heard about it.Basically you have to do 30 push - ups each minute for 7 minutes. It sounds hard huh? THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS. This is one of my favorite workouts. It will make you have to rest for 1 whole week until your muscles have rested enough. I like making my friends from the gym to make the workout. Usually they laugh when I tell them that they will have to do Push - ups. And in the end after the 7 minutes they cannot even talk. It's fun to see how a 90-110lbs man thinks he is a big shot and than fails in front of my eyes.

I hope you have learned something from this article. DO PUSH UPS, this is the main thing actually. Also if you want to know how you can build a lot more muscle take a look at one of the books that I have given you.


  1. Your post is really good and informative. You have done a great job by posting this article. Thanks !!!

  2. I am really impress for your post.push up workout is very important gor For more info on building muscle.

  3. hey there good advice push ups are important for me the best time for push ups is straight after a set of dumbell presses 10 presses and straight away 10 push ups in effect creating a superset