Friday, August 12, 2011

Creatine, How can it help us ?

Cratine is being used by many bodybuilders daily. I have been receiving and reading many questions like "How does creatine work", "Why are they using it". There are a lot of misinformations out there about creatine in the Internet space. Some people like to make up false stories about creatine. Not
hing to worry, I am here to explain everything.
Is creatine a drug?  No, creatine is not a drug or also called steroid. I have got no idea why people think it is. Steroids will help you train each day the same muscle group and still get muscle gains, and crazy in that mater. Creatine will not do that. The truth is that you already have creatine in your body.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gaining muscle fast

Gaining muscle fast is possible as long as you follow these "steps to success" as i love to call them. Usually gaining muscle mass is hard, but we can always increase the muscle gains by using a couple of tricks and technics that will boost ability to gain muscle.

"Gaining muscle fast" has been used as a topic in many of the bodybuilding or fitness magazines and online blogs only to make people buy stupid products, that they claim will help them gain more and more muscle faster than ever. Well nothing to worry, I am going to share with you the clean way to gaining muscle fast, not the other way that is full with drugs and supplements that are only killing your kidney.