Saturday, July 2, 2011


Over training is really common problem that a lot of people are facing. And overstraining is a bad thing, because it lowers down your muscle gains. Now as a bodybuilder I would HATE that to happen to me and I would HATE that to happen to you too.

But you are in luck, in this short article I am going to explain to you what are the reasons for people to overtrain and how can you prevent it from happening.

OVER TRAINING: Over training is common problem to many bodybuilders that have no idea how to fix it. This lowers down you fat loss and your muscle gains. Yes only one misinformation and you will be having twice the trouble.

The reason so many bodybuilders to overtrain is that they have got no idea what so ever what they are doing. They are working out the way they think is right, but actually they are only lying to their self.

Not enough rest: The most common form of overstraining is not enough rest. Now as we all know resting after a workout is really important. That is the time when your muscles rebuild and gather more energy for the next workout. And if you are not giving your muscles enough rest, the only results you are going to see are muscle loss.
There are people that are training the same muscle each day. Those people are NEVER going to gain muscle this way. And if you are doing the same thing STOP NOW!
I cannot tell you how much exactly are you suppose to rest, because I have got no idea what workout routine are you doing.
If you are training your whole body, than you must give your self at least 2 days minimum of rest so you can workout twice a week.
But if you are training one muscle group once a week with a hard core workout, it's different. In some cases you will have to give your self up to seven days of recovery time. It depends with what intensity are you training.

Workout to long: Another reasons is that most of you just don't know when to stop. I have seen people train up to 2 hours in the gym. Usually my workout is right about 40-50 minutes. When you go over one hour of working out your cortisol levels are really high.
Cortisol is a stress hormone that burns muscle and keeps fat. Because there is a lot of stress on your muscle your body lets it out while you are working out. Until the one hour of training your levels are ok, but after that they get higher and higher, meaning that you are losing muscle and gaining fat at the same time. Not I don't think that is what you are aiming for.
Keep your workout nice and short and get the maximum from it. There is no point in training with light weights for 2 hours when you can train with heavy weighs for 40 minutes and get better results.

Conclusion: If you follow these steps you are going to get faster than ever results in building muscles. All you have to remember is enough rest and don't over do it.
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