Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Preview

I just bought a book called "The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure" and I wanted to make preview of the eBook. The question is " Is The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure a scam ". 
The answer, NO! It's not a scam, I shared the information from the book with my friends and it helped them. It helped me too. The book claims that you can lose up to 19 pounds of fat for just one month of 31 days. 
Well I did not lose 20 pounds of fat but I lost 15 pounds, which is pretty close. Don't forget different bodies different way of working. 

Now the book will explain to you how can you lose fat without cardio. Without a treadmill or a bicycle. It will show to you which exercises will get your metabolism high so you can burn a lot of fat while sleeping.
The author of the book is a former army soldier, he shares with you the secrets of the army, that most of  us don't even know. The best part about it is you will not lose any muscle. The book shows you how you can maintain your muscle and lose fat at the same time. And if you are working hard you can even gain some muscle along the way.
The book is not expensive. Its only 40$. Most of the online gurus want up to 200$ for such information. Heck even some of them could want 500$, believe me I have seen everything.
Like I said the book is not a scam unlike the others that are over 100$ that are scams. So think about, you will only give 40 dollars and you will learn the fastest way to lose fat. OR you can give 100$ and learn nothing. It's your choice.

The book is full with easy to understand information. You will not get hard to understand words that only bodybuilders understand. 

The book will also show you a good idea for a diet that will get your metabolism sky rocketing. And as we all know metabolism helps you burn fat while you are sleeping.

So you can choose what you want. Do you want a book that is going to teach you how you can burn a lot of fat for 31 days only for 40$. Or a book that will cost you 200$ and will only make your wallet lose weight?

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you will buy the book, it has helped me a lot.


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