Sunday, June 12, 2011


Building muscles is simple to understand, but it's not easy. Gaining muscle is really slow process. It will not take yo 1 day or 2 days it will take half an year or one year to build some solid muscle or even more. Now I am here to share with you some good tips that you will get you more muscle growth.

1. 3:1
What does this mean? It means 3 to 1, 3 seconds to 1 second. In other words when you are
using weights lower down the weight and control it for 3 seconds and lift it up for 1 second. Also called control and explode method. This will bring a lot of pressure on your muscles which will make huge rips in them, which in return will make you build more muscles. When it comes to your workout never go fast. First of you will never gain the same results as going slow. And lets not forget that you are increase the chance of getting a muscle issue.

2.  REST MORE!  
This is really important. Most of the bodybuilders cannot understand that muscle is being build while resting, not while being at the gym. This is why resting, good nutrition, and exercise will bring you the best results when it comes to muscle gains. The good nutrition will help you to get goo energy and to rebuild the rips in your muscle. Carbs, fats, and protein try to get from everything.
Rest a lot, but not too much. This might be really confusing for you. But you should rest so your muscles can rebuild, but don't rest too much that your muscles will de-train. 
Exercise, it speaks for it self. While working out you make rips in your muscle, later on your muscle rebuilds and makes new layers of muscle so your body can be sure this will never happen again. Exactly why moving the weights up is a good way to get bigger muscle gains.

Remember this. Never do one thing a lot of times. When you do the same thing you will get the same results, in other words. If you begin to lift 20 pounds and you stay on 20 pounds you will not gain muscle.

Doing one more rep will make amazing rips in your muscles. If you know what I am talking about, it's that last rep that you have the feeling that your muscle is going to blow up. In other words if you are doing 40lbs x8 reps try do to x9 reps. You will gain a lot of muscle this way.

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