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Are carbohydrates (carbs) bad? In this article I am going to explain how carbohydrates, that you take from foods, can benefit you, and spoil you.

About me: If you are new to this blog, I just wanted to tell you a little about my self. My name is John Gregory, the creator of this blog. I am a bodybuilder with six years of experience, ready to share my knowledge with the online community. I have helped a lot of people offline and online, you can be the next!

I will give to you FIVE reasons why they are good and TWO why they are bad.

GOOD CARBS REASON #1 They are your energy source. And even better, they are the fastest source of energy. Sprinters for an example eat chocolate right before they race. Dark chocolate, because it has less fat, this means that the carbs are going to be taken by the body faster. The carbohydrates are going to be dissolved in the mouth, meaning that at the moment he takes a bite, he gets a source of carbohydrates, source of energy.

GOOD CARBS REASON #2 If you are sport person, from any kind. Runner, bodybuilder, swimmer, you know that you need long lasting and good energy. They only way you are going to get them is by eating complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates will keep you going for 3 or more hours.
But the problem is that you will have to eat the complex carbs at least 30 minutes before your race or workout. This way a bigger part of the carbs are being dissolved by your body.

GOOD CARBS REASON #3 If you are struggling with fat loss, carbs can actually help you. There are carbohydrates, complex and fructose, that take more time to be dissolved by the human body. They have a minus carb quality. You will lose more calories while your body is trying to dissolve the vegetable, or fruit, than the vegetable it self.
Example: If eat an apple that gives you 100 calories, you will have to give 50 calories for your body to dissolve it. This is thanks to the fiber and fructose, that the apple has.

GOOD CARBS REASON #4 Carbs help your brain. Carbs are eaten by you, they are dissolved by your body, they fall in your blood stream as glucose, the brain needs glucose to stay alive. Did you know that there are people that are calling glucose Brain Food? Well now you do.

GOOD CARBS REASON #5 They will help you gain muscle. All of us bodybuilders are made to believe that Protein helps us gain muscle, well that is not exactly true. It is true that Protein helps us rebuild your muscle, but food it self helps us gain more muscle. For instance, after your workout you need fast acting carbs to increase your low glucose levels, if not increased you are going to start losing muscle, if you take a glass of protein water (water helps it be used by the body faster) your body will use the protein for energy instead for a rebuilding material for your muscles and bones.

OK so lets take a look at the TWO reasons, why carbs are bad.

Carbs can be bad if they are simple carbohydrates. Fast acting carbs that get used by your body for only minutes, not hours like the carbohydrates.
A lot of bodybuilders like to eat simple carbs before workout, this way they get short term energy for 20 minutes. Lets say that they start training 30 minutes after their meal, so they don't have any stomach problems while the workout is in place, they have already lost their carbs, for nothing. This way they are not getting quality energy.
A lot of foods that have simple carbs are bad for the human being:
  • Sugar
  • White bread
  • White Pasta
  • White rice
The reason people get fat from these simple carbs is that they don't have enough time to use the glucose. And it gets saved as fuel in your body (FAT).

Never eat a lot of carbohydrates at night time. Eating only a couple is good (10g-15g), but taking a mouth full of 20g or 30g is bad idea. The reason is that your body's metabolism (metabolic rate) is much slower at night time and you are less active. This means that not a lot of the carbs are going to be used. They are going to be saved by your body for fuel (FAT). This is how a lot of people gain a lot of fat, eating late at night. Imagine if they are eating junk food and a lot of it.
Thank you for reading my article, I hope it has helped you a lot. I have seen this question being asked a lot. And I just wanted to write my experience down. Leave a comment if you have more tips to share or if you just want to say something about the article.

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