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There are a lot of muscle building exercises, but there are only few that will really help you.

Deadlifts is one of the exercises that you MUST do if you want to be a bodybuilder and gain muscle. It's not only good for muscle building, but it's really amazing for fat loss too. The reason is that it trains a lot muscle groups in one time:
  • Lower back - Main target
  • Abs - Main target
  • Legs - Secondary (this will lead to bigger muscle gains to the upper body, you release more growth hormone)
  • Shoulders - Secondary
If an exercise trains a lot of muscles at one time that means that you are going to be burning more glucose and you will increase your metabolism, because the exercise is pretty hard to complete.

The benefits of the Deadlift is that it helps you build a strong lower back and abs. It's training the whole core.
It will increase your metabolism, for fat loss, and testosterone, for muscle gains.
In every exercise there is always a trick that will help you boost your results and get sure success faster. There is a trick for Deadlifts also:
Get a barbell with which you can only perform 10 reps. With that weight you are going to do 20 reps of Deadlifts. This way you are going to increase your testosterone to crazy levels, the same goes for your metabolism. And you are going to make bigger rips in your muscles, which will later lead to bigger muscles.
It's going to be hard I know, but in the end you will have high testosterone and metabolism for the rest of the day.
  • When your metabolism is increased - You are going to burn fat while resting. Your metabolism is going to be highly increased because of the hard exercise.
  • When your testosterone is increased - It will boost your muscle gains. It will also be boosted for a lot of time, because of the big push you did with the 20 reps.
Adding Deadlifts in your workout is a really good idea. You will benefit a lot from it:
  • Strong back
  • Strong abs
  • Higher metabolism (burn fat)
  • Higher testosterone (gain muscle)
  • And make big rips in your muscles, because the workout is really hard

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