Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is for all of the bodybuilders that are aiming to get big and I do mean BIG muscles as fast as possible, without any drugs. What I will tell you now I have learned for the past 5 months from the book  "No Nonsense Muscle Building" you can buy it and learn how to get big really really fast.

Most of the people now find it hard to put on some serious size. The reason for that is that they have NO idea what they are doing. They do mistakes like:
Training everyday
Eating 3 times a day
Eating too much protein
Not eating enough protein
Eating too much carbohydrates
Eating too much fats
Doing what ever they want
No stretching
No rest
No muscle growth.
And I can tell alot more things that they do wrong, I personally have seen people doing these mistakes. I am a personal trainer and I know best.

Ok so lets stop talking about what to NOT do. Lets talk about what should we do we can put on some muscle weight.
I would have to worn you, muscle building is a slow process, you DO NOT want to go on drugs to speed up the process. Here I will tell you everything and you can learn more by buying the No Nonsense book.

This is actually really important. If you did not know, your body build muscle while resting. You do not build muscle while at the gym, you rip and destroy your muscle while you are lifting weights, when you rest, and eat right, you give your body enough time and nutrients for the muscle to rebuild. While rebuilding the muscle will put an EXTRA layer of muscle, so it can prevent this from happening again. This is why changing the weights is important (remember this, I will explain later). 
While resting you must remember to not tens the muscles too much.
  • Don't lift heavy objects
  • Don't move your hands too fast
  • Don't lift weights
While resting you can either stretch or do some Yoga. I personally have no idea how to do Yoga and I am too big to do that, I just stretch. 
Now I told you that you muscles put an extra layer of muscle so it can prevent this rip from happening again, right? And that you should change the weight, by putting on more, to make bigger rips in your muscles. Now I want you to use your brains here, since the body is making an extra layer, so it can be sure that you will not make the same rip of your muscle, that means that if you use the same weight, you will not make any rips in your muscle, which leads to NO MUSCLE GAINS. 
The only way to prevent this is to put on more weight while training. This will allow you to destroy the new layer of muscle, which will lead to bigger muscles later.

Nutrition is also as important as the top tips. For you to put on muscle mass, you must remember that you need to know what you are putting in your mouth. getting good carbs before workout and simple carbs after workout will really pack on some serious changes.
Now I would like to tell you everything here, but there is too much, and I cannot cover it all in a single post, this is why you should go ahead and order the book. Guys it's cheap, you will get all the knowledge you need, there is no chance for it to bee a scam, since it has worked for me, for my friends, and my father that is now 65 years old, and still trains like a 20. If you are thinking that I am winning money by telling you about this book, you are dead wrong, I JUST WANT TO HELP YOU ! So go ahead and order the "No Nonsense Muscle Building" you will find all the answers to all your questions!

And that is all about this article that I would like to share for now. If you want to learn more, you can always order the book, like I said, you will not be sorry, I will even do a preview of the book soon, could be today or tomorrow, to tell you everything about it. I repeat I GET NO MONEY FROM TELLING YOU ABOUT THIS BOOK, I JUST WANT TO HELP YOU OUT. The book has easy to follow steps, easy to understand nutrition data, good workout plans that will make you pack on SIZE OF PURE MUSCLE. 

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