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How to get a six pack. This question has been asked a lot, exactly why there are so many gurus that make money out of this. The problem is that, when they give information to the people that are searching for "how to get a six pack" or "how to get abs" they tell them false information (myths) that will never work for any one. The point is for you to get the false idea of how to get six pack abs, this way you will come back to them and want more information, the only way you will get more is by buying it.

Not to worry, the MUSCLE BUILDING BLOG is here to tell you all of the myths that the online gurus want you to believe. By reading this article, you can be sure that you will never be scammed again.

Myth number 1: Doing ab exercises will give you abs
When I see this, I get mad. And the worst part is that there are people that actually believe this. Remember this from me, you cannot get a six pack with cruches, air bicycle, leg raises, and the other ab workouts. The reason for a person to not have visible abs is that there is a layer of fat on top of them.
The only way that you can remove that fat is by lowering down your over all body fat percentage. Remember spot removal is impossible, the body does not work like that. To learn how you can lower down body fat % read some of the articles that I have posted here.

Myth number 2: Do cardio in the morning before breakfast
This is the worst myth out there. Why? Here is why. When you wake up early in the morning your glycogen has depleted, after all your body is still working at night time. This means that you are missing the primary energy source (carbohydrates). Glycogen fills up your muscles so you have energy to do anything. When you have no carbohydrates in your body, you have no energy. Now the idea behind this myth is that when you do cardio before eating, you will target the fat, because you have depleted your glycogen levels in your  muscles, and fat is the secondary fuel for the human body. This way you will lose fat (says the myth). FALSE! This way you will lose small bit of fat the first couple of times and lose a lot of muscle.

Remember your body is smart. The fat in your body is fuel that it will use if the body has NO other energy source. If you start using the fat as fuel your body will say "I should stop using so much of my emergency fuel if I want to survive" and it start using muscle instead. Yes you will lose some fat the first couple of days. After that you will stop losing that small bit of fat and start losing only muscle. Now muscle is really hard to gain, it will take you months, maybe years to build a solid muscle, you can lose all of that for 1-2 months if you do cardio before you eat anything.

Myth number 3: Use products like the "abdominal 3000"
Lets take a look at how these products work. They either use vibration  or they make you sweat. They believe that the high temperature that will make you sweat, will melt away all of the fat from you belly. Well the secret is that fat in your body melts in really high temperature, your body will not survive if it reaches such high temperatures.
Never buy products that will bring you fast results ( weeks, days, hours). The people that review the product are bodybuilders that have spent time training and eating right to get those abs. They claim they got rid of the fat thanks to the product, this way they make watchers think "hey it worked for him, it could work for me".
How to get a six pack ( the right way )
Don't panic, there is a way to get abs, and it's quite simple actually. You will have to combine good nutrition, weight lifting, and cardio to get your six pack. This way you are going to double or triple your metabolism. Gain muscle, muscle increases the fat loss. If a 150lbs and a 180lbs person make the same cardio exercise, the 180lbs will lose more fat.
Now since you know this, you will NO LONGER FALL IN THE TRAP OF the online and TV gurus.
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