Friday, June 17, 2011


I am making this article for only one reason, the fact that there are so many people out there, that have no idea, how to get abs. Doesn't matter if you want it to be a six pack or an eight pack, there is only one way to get them.

I hate it when false information is being updated all the time, it's time to stop this, when you are done reading this article, leave a comment telling me if you have actually learned anything, if not, I will post the article in a more simple language. And don't forget to share the love with FaceBook and Twitter, it helps spread to word, and it helps me for all my hard work. And also notice that this is part 1 only, keep in mind that this is a long topic, I cannot write everything here, subscribe to this blog so you can know when part 2 is going to be posted.

The first thing that I want to say to all of you is that THE ONLY WAY TO GET ABS IS BY LOSING FAT. Not by doing small ab exercises, that the online gurus claim to have an affect on your core. Yes it does, but if you have visible abs, not if you have a ton of fat on them. 

Another thing that I want you to understand is that the only way to remove that fat is by doing over all fat loss. You cannot do spot removal, the body does not work this way. 
Most of the people usually panic when they hear how much fat they have to lose for their abs to show. It's actually really simple, but do it the wrong way, and you end up losing muscle, that you can spend years in building. So to insure you that this will not happen, I will tell you the best way to lose over all body fat percentage.

Nutrition always comes first. It doesn't matter if you are building muscle or losing fat, nutrition is by fat the most important thing in the life style of a human being. But there is bad nutrition and good nutrition.
The bad one as you can probably tale is "junk" food. This type of food is really bad for us, not only because we are trying to lose fat, but because it's full with cholesterol, trans fat, chemicals, and many other junks. There are a lot of foods, that most of us think they are healthy, but actually they are deadly! One of them is white bread. I have seen a lot of people having health problems, because of white bread.
The good one is all of the fruits, all of the vegetables, all of the nuts, all of the fish, all of the meat, all of the oils, all of the whole grained food. These foods will boost your metabolism, give you good quality energy, to keep you going with hours, not minutes, and they give lots and lots of minerals, and vitamins, that help increase fat loss, and health.

To make sure you lose a lot of fat, you must be sure to have a meal with good fats, lean protein, and complexed carbohydrates. They all increase you metabolism, some times they could double it. The vitamins like Vitamin C, help reduce fat. This why all of the citrus fruits are really good in losing fat. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes.

Eating 5-6 meals increases your calorie count and the amount of protein that you take is much greater than with only 3 meals per day. Not only that, this way you keep your metabolism higher than ever. And you make sure that it will never fall. When you body does not have energy it start braking down muscle and fat. The only way that you will be sure this will not happen is by eating 5-6 times each day.
Remember that the minumum of calories, that a normal man can take is 1500 for women it's 1200. Try to not fall that low or lower. Believe you will be sorry. But don't take too much calories. Confused? Don't be, if you take too much calories you gain more and more fat. So keep it steady. Go to 2200-2500. And if you don't see any muscle gains in 1-2 months, increase the calorie count with 100. This is the only way that you will know how much you should take. There is no one online or offline that cal tell you how much calories is your body suppose to take.
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  1. Not a problem. You can always read the other articles that I have writen on this blog.

  2. this can get me started,

  3. John... I want to know one thing that to make sure we lose fat.. you told to take lean proteins, good fats.. but nutrition means more vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres... what should i mainly follow.. i want to start working on my fitness.. in few days... i am starting some running exercises.. cardio i mean..

  4. @deepak It is true that all of that is important. But no need to mention them for one reason. If you are going to take complex carbs you are going to be eating a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Good fats give you vitamins. Lean protein mainly minerals, but it is true I forgot about this idea. I am truelly sorry about that. I will post another article at this blog to make it more colourful.

  5. hi john nice article i don´t know if you´ll be able to reply this post i have got one question i was very fat about 2 years ago around 90 kg (age 16)so i started taekwondo and i lost a lot of wieght around 20 kg in 1 year and 15 kg next year now i am 65 kg but i have celullitis my muscles are flaccid although i am training (biceps, my abs etc.. ) from about 4 months, also i do swimming can you help me on this???

  6. I believe that proper and diet are the most important aspect in getting six pack abs. Also we could achieve this through self discipline. Thanks for sharing this information on this issue.

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