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Hello there, If you haven't watched the part one of this article, then you should go and read it, you will learn a lot more.
OK so lets continue with "How to gain more muscle?"


You should put more weight each week when you exercise. The reason for you to gain muscle is that when you train you make small rips in your muscle. This makes your muscle weaker, don't forget that your body is really smart. If the muscles did not rebuild you were going to lose all of your muscle, so to prevent this from happening the body rebuilds the rips in the muscle, but not only that, it makes one extra tissue, to be sure that if you lift again the same weight you will not make that much rips in the muscle. This one small tissue makes your muscles bigger and bigger.
Read carefully what I just wrote. It's really logical. The body puts an extra tissue of muscle so it can prevent your muscles from this happening to them. In other words, if you lift the same weight, you will not make the same rips that you use to. This means that you will NOT gain any muscle if you train with the same weight.
The only way to be sure this will not happen is by adding more weight to your workout routine. You can add 1-2 pounds each week. You will feel the difference, believe me.

TRAIN AFTER BREAKFAST Why is this a good idea exactly? In the morning when it comes to breakfast, you must eat more carbs and fiber than the other meals. In other words you will gain more energy, which will increase the performance in your workout, this leads to more muscle gains. But of course be sure to train at least half an hour after your breakfast.
There is another reason to train early in the morning, after your breakfast. When you do your workout, you increase your metabolism. This will help you with your fat loss. I know this article is mainly about muscle gains, but what is the point of having muscles that are covered with fat, right? When you increase your metabolism in the morning, everything you do afte
r you breakfast (considering that you have a full day to do stuff) you are going to burn a lot of fat.

REST Let me ask you this, when do you gain muscle? After the workout or while you are resting. You can probably tale that is the second choice. The reason for this is quite simple.
When you workout you make rips in your muscle (you destroy the muscle tissue). Your body rebuilds the muscle tissue and adds an extra one on top, while you are resting. But resting isn't the only thing, you need to have a good nutrition in there to help the process.
Remember that the protein is the rebuilding tool for the body. But eating only protein will get you no where, actually it will make you have serious problems. Food it self will help your body to regenerate.
Be sure you eat 5-6 times a day, be sure that the meal has complex carbohydrates, be sure that the food has good fats, be sure that it has lean protein.
Stretching will help you a lot. A lot of people do yoga.

REST LESS I know it's probably weird for you to see a "rest less" after "rest", by "rest less" I mean for you to rest less between your sets. This way you will be sure that your muscles are not going to de-train. If the de-train you are going to find it hard to continue the workout. Keep it up to 20 seconds maximum.

DRINK WATER This really important. Be sure to be fully hydrated before, at the time of the workout, and after the workout. When your muscles are hydrated they rebuild faster. Be sure to not drink a LOT of water before the workout, there is chance for you to vomit. Keep it in mind.

So there you go. The best tricks that will get your body putting on muscle as fast as possible, the clean way, with NO DRUGS. Thank you for reading the post, please share it and like it, it helps a lot.

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