Monday, July 18, 2011

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic

As we all know cardio will help us with our fat loss and with our muscle gains. The question is which is better aerobic (low intensity cardio) or anaerobic (high intensity cardio). Aerobic vs anaerobic has been debated for years now.
If you have no idea which you should choose nothing to worry. I am going to explain everything in this nice and short article.

I have shared this information with all of my students and with all of the people that have asked me for some information. All of them got incredible results, so you have nothing to worry about.

Ok enough chit chat lets get started.

As we all know there are two primary sources of energy in our body, carbohydrates and fats. As all of the people are made to believe, aerobic exercise is going to target the fat and remove it easily. To complete whole cardio routine you will have to do 50-90 minutes of this exercise. Many people think that this is the ultimate fat loss cure. The truth is hat they are wrong about everything.

The first thing that is bad about this type of cardio is that you will have to perform long hours of it. In other words you are going to get bored and eventually stop performing it.

The second reason that makes this exercise so bad is that you are going to star braking down muscle tissue. Fat is really important for the body after the long hours of aerobics it's going to say "Hey, why don't I save some fat so I have enough energy for the next hour of low intensity cardio". You are going start losing muscle and gaining more and more fat. Just take a look at a marathon runner.

The third thing is that you are going to waste so much time for nothing. Even worse, you are going to spent so much time on the bike or on the treadmill, and you are gong to gain even more fat.

The fourth, you don't increase your metabolism, meaning that you are burning calories only until you are done with the exercise.

Anaerobic or as we also know it as High intensity interval training is by far the best type of cardio. There are a lot of reasons for that to be true.
  • You will increase your metabolism (lose more fat)
  • You will increase muscle gains (burn even more fat)
  • You are not going to lose motivation (it's not boring as the aerobics)
There are even more good things that will help you with your fat loss mission, but these are the most important. And the best part is that it's not as long as the low intensity cardio. You can perform a anaerobic exercise for 15-20 minutes and still burn more fat than the aerobic.

As you can probably tell anaerobic (high intensity cardio) wins. But you are going to get even bigger results if you combine the both of them. After your 15 minute intense exercise doing another 20 minutes of low intensity cardio is going to help you burn even more fat. The reason for this is while you are performing the anaerobic you are going to deplete your glucose levels and you going to unleash fatty goodness in your blood stream. After that while doing the aerobic exercise you are going to target that fat and start burning it as fat, without damaging your muscle.

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