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As you already probably know, cardio is a really good way to lose fat. In other words you are going to get your better body faster, by doing cardio to boost the results. There is a problem. If you do not do it the right way, you will end up losing muscle and gaining even more fat.

Don't panic I am here to help you out. I will share with you how to do cardio, cardio workouts, the best cardio workouts, and more, so you don't get confused.

HOW CAN CARDIO HELP YOU If you do cardio the right way you will be able to lose a lot of fat, which means that you will get your abs faster. The interesting thing about it, that you probably did not know, is that cardio helps the bodybuilders with their muscle gains. And as we know, to get more and more muscle gains, you MUST train your lower body, and your upper body.
Cardio, done in the right way, can also act as a mood fixer. In other words you can forget about being depressed, let down, feeling low. Studies show that people that did cardio before work or school were happier than the usual.

CARDIO WORKOUTS There are three main cardio workouts:
Low Intensity Cardio (LIC)
Medium Intensity Cardio (MIC)
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

WHAT IS THE BEST CARDIO WORKOUT I will explain this in a moment, but first, I want to show you some information about the different types of cardio, to see if you are going to figure it out on your own.

Low Intensity Cardio: The name speaks for it self, you will be doing a low intensity cardio for a longer period of time. Many people keep doing this at their homes and at the gym. Your metabolism is increased a little, until you are done with the workout, meaning that there won't be a lot of fat loss. Your main fuel is fat.

Medium Intensity Cardio: With a little bit higher intensity than the LIC you are going to train the same way. Your metabolism is going to be increased for a while, until you stop doing the exercise, meaning you will not lose a lot of fat. Your main fuels are carbs and fat.

High Intensity Interval Training: You are training at the highest intensity possible. A lot of bodybuilders are using HIIT for fat loss and muscle gains. You increase your metabolism for HOURS after you are done with the workout, it can go up to 24 hours. Your main fuel are carbs, secondary fat.

HIIT gets the gold medal. If you are confused why I did not say LIC since it's main fuel is fat, I will explain.

Low intensity cardio does not increase your metabolism for a lot of time. It only increases you metabolic rate for only 20-30 minutes. Unlike the HIIT where you get an increased metabolism for HOURS. This means that you are going to lose fat while watching TV, sleeping, reading, anything, for HOURS after you are done with the workout.
Not only that. Take a look at a marathon runner (low intensity cardio) and than take a look at a sprinter (HIIT). The marathon runner has almost no muscle on him, he has high fat levels, which is NOT GOOD. The sprinter has more muscle mass, he has really low levels of fat.
Did you know that HIIT helps you make a stronger hearth?

WHY IS LOW INTENSITY BAD? A lot of people keep doing low intensity cardio. It's slower, doesn't want you to use a lot of your energy, boring, and has no results. The bad part is that there are people that are doing this type of cardio for 1-2 HOURS. You can imagine how they look, like a marathon runner.
The worst part is that, because Low Intensity Cardio is so easy, a lot of the people are doing it each day for one or more hours. You are going to burn fat the first two or three times. After that, you are going to feel the pain of fat gains and muscle loss.
The reason is that your body gets used to this exercise. Remember that your bodies are smart. Because fat is your body's fuel to survive, it will do anything to save it, if it starts losing from it each day. In other words you are going to STOP losing fat. Wanna know more? YOU ARE GOING TO START LOSING MUSCLE. Considering the fact that muscle burns fat, you are going to gain even more fat.


Did you know that 65% of the people are doing Low Intensity Cardio, thinking it will help them lose fat? Spread the word about this articles, so they can learn the TRUTH!

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