Sunday, July 3, 2011


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Hello there, today I would like to share with you another bodybuilding exercise that will get your muscles going crazy and make your metabolism fly of the roof. I am talking about Squats.

If you have noticed I have mentioned this exercise quite a lot in my blog. The reason is that it is excellent for muscle building and will give you amazing results.
How to perform squats:The exercise is quite simple to perform as you can see on the picture. There are two ways that you can perform this exercise depending on your goal.

With weights: If you are trying to gain serious muscle and at same time increase your metabolism.
Without weights: If you just looking for another exercise in your HIIT workout (cardio)

Remember: If you are using weights, don't add to much, I don't want you guys to grow up with serious problems in the lower back and in the legs.
Why Squats:It is a shame that there are so many people that are not using this exercise in their workout. They are missing out on serious muscle gains and fat loss. There are three reasons why you should ad squats to your workout plan.

1. You will increase your metabolism: This means that you are going to be burning fat HOURS after the workout. And if the workout was really good it can go up to 24 hours. That means that you are going to lose fat for a full day without doing anything.

2. You will increase the flow of growth hormone: This will happen because you are training your lower body. Many people don't know this, but training your lower body will bring you success.

3. You will increase the flow of testosterone: This will happen only if you are training with weights, the reason is that the exercise is really hard when you perform it with weights. Some of my students have the feeling that they are going to faint from exhaustion.
Muscle building trick:There is a trick that will boost your muscle gains like never before. You are going to take a barbell with which you can only perform 10 squats. Instead you are going to make 20 reps with that barbell.

I know this sounds crazy. But you will have to do it if you want more muscle gains. When you are done with the workout and after you have completed 3 sets with the power squats, you are going feel the tension in your legs. Meaning that you have done the best workout that you can for your legs. At that time your testosterone, growth hormone are doubled for hours. At that time you are going to be gaining more muscle than ever.
Remember: I will mention this again. Be careful what you are doing, you don't want back problems.

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