Friday, August 12, 2011

Creatine, How can it help us ?

Cratine is being used by many bodybuilders daily. I have been receiving and reading many questions like "How does creatine work", "Why are they using it". There are a lot of misinformations out there about creatine in the Internet space. Some people like to make up false stories about creatine. Not
hing to worry, I am here to explain everything.
Is creatine a drug?  No, creatine is not a drug or also called steroid. I have got no idea why people think it is. Steroids will help you train each day the same muscle group and still get muscle gains, and crazy in that mater. Creatine will not do that. The truth is that you already have creatine in your body.

How does creatine work? Cratine will fill up your muscles with "energy" that will help you do more reps and sets while you are working out. Like I said you have creatine in your body, increasing those levels will help you train harder, in return that will lead to bigger muscles.
How to get ratline? Creatine can be received from supplements or from foods like fish or red meat. The biggest source of creatine is meat, remember that.

Will creatine help us? 
Yes, of course it will. Creatine will allow you the chance to make more reps and sets than before. This will lead to incredible results, it's true that you are going to be able to do another 1-2 reps more, but the smallest thing matters.

Will creatine make me grow BIG muscles? 
NO, I hate this myth. Like I said, creatine will help you make more reps, nothing more. When I am saying that I am not saying that you are going to do the first time 5 reps with 100 lbs and the next 5 reps with 200lbs. I am trying to say that the first time you are going to make 5 reps with 100lbs and the next time 7-8 reps with 100lbs.

Will creatine hurt me?
Everything that you are taking in big amounts will act bad with your body. Protein, fats, carbs, and creatine.

Is it better to take creatine from supplements?
It depends. There are hundreds of supplements out there, I would prefer using meat a source of creatine instead.
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  1. What a brilliant site. I myself take Creatine and think it works wonders.

  2. Very good explanation. But can you help me regarding creatine infection? every time i take creatine, i get inflammation in my nasal passage. I took Deca creatine. I really want to get creatine supplement as i am vegetarian. I am thinking of changing company. Will changing company help? For Example: ON Creatine

  3. Not infection...i mean Allergy and also Deca-Creatine contains some other blend too.

  4. not really true. actually i was like 67kg, whatever i did i didn't grew, took in the right amount of protein carbs calories and vitamins, but the only thing i grew from is creatine. in my first month with it it have me like 4 kilos, and from the second i was easily 80. i know a lot of it is waterweight, but i aint taking the supplement for like 2 months now, and my bw is still 77kgs.

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