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Gaining muscle fast

Gaining muscle fast is possible as long as you follow these "steps to success" as i love to call them. Usually gaining muscle mass is hard, but we can always increase the muscle gains by using a couple of tricks and technics that will boost ability to gain muscle.

"Gaining muscle fast" has been used as a topic in many of the bodybuilding or fitness magazines and online blogs only to make people buy stupid products, that they claim will help them gain more and more muscle faster than ever. Well nothing to worry, I am going to share with you the clean way to gaining muscle fast, not the other way that is full with drugs and supplements that are only killing your kidney.

Gaining muscle fast
Let me first ask you, do you actually know how you gain muscle. If not let me explain it to you. When you are working out you are making molecular rips in the muscle tissue that you are working. After the hard workout you go ahead and rest for a couple of days, I usually rest right about 3-4 days, depending on the weights I am lifting. At that time you are going to eat and I am not talking about 3 meals a day, I am talking about 6 full meals a day that will help you get enough calories to gain muscle. At that time (the resting phase) your muscles are rebuilding. But instead of just repairing the ripped muscle tissue, your body puts another one on top to make sure that if you lift the same weight this rip will not happen. And that is why lifting the same weight is not going to help you gain muscle.

And that is how you gain muscle, as you can see there are two major things that you must remember about gaining muscle working out and nutrition. But that is only going to help us gain muscle, it's true that it's going to be quality hard muscle, but we want to gain muscle mass fast. And here is how we are going to do that. I am going to share with you my top tricks and technics that make "gaining muscle fast" easy as 1,2,3.

Resting is really important and hard to do. Yes, hard. Resting is hard, because you want to rest enough so you don't overtrain, and you don't want to rest too much, because you're muscles are going to de-train their self. And both ways, you are not going to see any muscle gains sooner or later. Be sure to start working out the same muscle group when you feel ready, that's how I started out.

Eat more
It's impossible for a human being to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time unless he is using drugs (steroids) or supplements like creatin. If you are a bodybuilder that is trying to gain muscle you will have to go trough the bulking up phase where you are going to eat more calories than your body burns. You are going to eat clean of course, you cannot gain muscle mass fast if you are eating junk food. Make sure you eat a lot of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and good fats. After all the moto of the bodybuilder is "Eat, eat more, than come back and eat some more!" remember it and use it.

Lift heavier
Remember what I said previously that your body creates another layer of muscle tissue so it won't rip as much as before from the same weight. To make sure you are going to continue making molecular rips in your muscles (which leads to muscle gains) you must increase the weights you are lifting. I usually advice you to increase them with 2-3 pounds (1-1.5 kilograms) each week. This way you are going to keep making rips in your muscles and keep gaining muscle fast.

Train until failure
I love doing this on the last set. Training until failure means doing 1 or 2 more reps in that set. Now imagine lifting 40lbs 10 times what that is 400lbs, what will happen if you lift it another 2 times, 480lbs. This will allow you to make bigger rips in your muscle tissue, which will lead to even bigger muscle gains in the future.
Overtraining is a really common thing. Many bodybuilders (even advanced ones) are still doing it. Be sure you are not one of those people, if you overtrain you are not going to gain any muscle, you are even going to start losing muscle. Be sure your workout is not more than 1 hour long and that you get plenty of rest.

Get a partner
Working out with another person is really motivating.
First you are trying to pass him by doing more sets and reps with heavy weights.
Second your partner can always help you to do more reps, he will make sure that the weight isn't going to fall on you.

Gaining muscle fast is possible as long as you follow these tricks. They have helped both me and my students gain muscle mass fast. Remember the two major things working out the right way and a good nutrition. Gaining muscle fast is really fun to, you are going to learn what it is to really stress your muscles.

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    1. yes it was helpful for me. the article (Train until failure)was the most important and useful for me. you have helped many new builders and.

      Great work

    2. Nope, it doesn't work for me. But great post though

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    6. I really appreciate your help man...Good simple information for the beginner.Thanks for the tips!

    7. Great article for the beginner. Follow the advice above about Diet + Training + Rest and it will equal great progress. One are that is missing though is conditioning your mind. Visualising yourself becoming bigger, focusing on the contractions as you are lifting your weight, even using hypnosis. The power of your mind is incredible. Start utilizing this and you really will have all avenues covered

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