Monday, June 20, 2011



As I said there WILL be a part two of this article. If you have not yet checked out the part one, go ahead and click here.

DRINK WATER Yes I know this will probably sound crazy to you, but water will help you with a million things. First of all lets look at the basics. Why water? Why not orange juice, it has vitamin C in it, which helps for fat loss. It is true that 100% natural orange juice has Vitamin C which helps to lower down fat levels, the juice also has calories and sugar, unlike the water. So how exactly will the water help you get a six pack.

Water helps the body in so many ways, one of them is detoxification. The toxins that are in your kidney will be cleaned out by the water. If you do not make sure that you flush out the toxins from your body, the toxins will be saved as fat sells. As we remember from the last article, we are trying to lose fat, so we can get our six pack abs. In other words you will need to drink more water so it can clean out all of the toxins in your kidney, this way you make sure you will not store any fat.

Water lowers stress. Stress is the bodybuilders number one enemy. The body unleashes the so called cortisol, the stress hormone. The body does that when in panic, this way you will feel less physical and mental pain. It's a way for the body to protect it self.
There is a problem with that. When the panic "mode" is activated and the stress hormone unleashed, you start to destroy muscle, and gain fat.
There are a lot of ways to remove stress from your life and one of them is water. Keep in mind that when you are working out, your cortisol levels are rising. This is why you MUST NOT train more than 45-50 minutes.

Water lowers down the body temperature. This will not help you with fat loss, but it will help you with your performance while training. When the temperature of the body rises your body starts to sweat. If you do not sweat that means you are dehydrated. When your body's temperature is too high you lose energy, when you lose energy, the performance of the workout will be weaker. If so, you will not have better results from the workout.

Water boost. Water really helps for boosting your energy, this will also help you for your performance, which means you will have better results with your fat loss or muscle gain.

Water increases metabolism, this way you will lose more fat. When your metabolic rate is boosted, you start losing fat while sitting on one place. Studies have shown that the water boosts your metabolic rate with up to 20%.

Water helps re-build muscle. Your body must be hydrated so the muscles can rebuild faster. And as we know, muscle burns fat, when the fat is gone you have a six pack, 1+1=2.

REMEMBER: Do not drink too much water. There are people that have died from too much water. The water also flushes away salt from the body, your body needs that to stay alive. Drinking 8 glasses of water is good, drinking 1 gallon of water is bad. So remember, when going to the gym or when you are going for a run, take a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.


  1. hie john... you are very true.. water is the best thing and it is a melabolism accelerator does detoxification..from now on..I will do this.. is 3 to 4 ltr's of water good for me at age of 21.. soon i will be starting out on my fitness..

  2. Yes 3 ltr's of water is good. Just don't over do it. Read the last part of this article, the remember part.