Friday, June 24, 2011


Motivation is what keeps the bodybuilder going. If you have no motivation, than you are most definitely going to fail with your body quest. The question is " How to motivate your self". Well I am here to explain that today.
Motivation is the key to success in absolutely everything. It does not matter if we are talking about bodybuilding, soccer, business, or even school. Did you know that the reason 96% of the bodybuilders to fail is because they lack of motivation. To keep that from happening with you I will tell you what you MUST do to get perfect results with your body transformation.

This is really important. But remember, to do so, you must set realistic goals, not goals that you think are right. Set them in a longer distance. This way if you are done earlier you are going to be more happy. But if you put short goals, you are going to be depressed. The reason, you are going to want results on the second month, if you go longer than that, you are going start asking your self what are you doing wrong, you are going to start losing interest, you are going to get depressed, you are going to fail at bodybuilding.

If you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat, you MUST know that the both are slow processes, it will take time for you to get results. And do you know who's fault this is, the online gurus.
They are making people believe that they can get faster than ever results, telling them that they can lose 20 pounds of fat for 1 week, or gaining 10 pounds of muscle for only 3 weeks. One day one of my clients came to me and said "Why are lying to me, you said it will take me 2 months to lose the fat, in this website it said that I can lose 15 pounds for 1 week", the irony is that he is calling me a liar when the all of the online gurus are lying to you. I am not a guru, I am a person who is trying to share his experience with the Internet community!

Cheating is good in a way. I know how hard it is for people to go from one eating habit to another, a lot of people fail at weight loss, because they say that it's too hard for them, or that they have stopped losing fat.
There is a good way to prevent that from happening. CHEAT. Cheat with only 1 snack a week or two weeks. This way you are going to brake the plateau. If you don't know what is a "diet plateau", Google it.

If you are reading my blog and using my tips, you are most definitely going to get results, faster than the usual. Watching your self in the mirror will bring a lot of motivation as you are seeing the results.

Motivation is the key to SUCCESS, use it, don't lose it, and say hello to your new body!


  1. Thank you for the advice.
    Nice shape dude!!

  2. great stuff i agree 100% with cheating otherwise life gets dull with less things t look forward to i like to take 1 day a fortnight and eat anything i feel like doing this will also raise your leptid levels and make it easier to lose fat