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Hi there. So in the previous parts of "How to get a six pack" I explained that water and good nutrition are your friends in getting abs.

In part 3 I will explain how to get to train your core to get ripped abs. Every body can get "skinny abs", the ones skinny guys have, the ones without any definition. We don't want that, we want hard core, ripped abs, and by reading this article you will learn how to get them.
First I want you to know that doing small ab workouts like crunches, leg raises, air bikes, will not get the hard core we want. Yeah they will help a bit, but not a lot. So the question is "which are the workouts that will make us have crazy ripped abs?". Here is your answer:
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Lunges
Those three exercises will blast your core. Not only that, they increase metabolism (helps for fat loss), and testosterone (helps muscle growth).

Why do you have abdominal muscles in the first place? They are not to show of! Along with the lower back, they help you keep balance. Your abs are going to go crazy trying to keep your body in balance from the Deadlifts, Squats, and Lunges. In other words you are going to work the core. At the same time you are going to work your lower back, which is a really important muscle group, that you have to focus on also.
They are a must do. All of the bodybuilders MUST do deadlifts to achieve muscle growth. The exercise also trains your legs, your lower body. As we all know to gain more muscle you will have to train both your upper body and your lower body. It increases the flow of growth hormone and testosterone, they both help with muscle gains.
Doing deadlifts will get you ripped abs, but remember keeping a good diet to burn the fat of the stomach area is really important!
A really good "trick" that will help you gain more muscle and get ripped abs is getting a barbell with which you can only perform 10 Deadlifts. Doing 20 with that barbel will get your metabolism, testosterone, abs, back going crazy while doing the 20 reps.
The best part about this exercise is that you can perform it without weights, without a barbell, for fat loss. But we are trying to work our core, so we are going to need some weights, to make it harder. Squats also train your lower body, your lower back, and your abs at the same time. This is another MUST DO exercise.
Not a lot of people know how to perform squats, one of the reasons there are so many bodybuilder complaining about back pain. Be sure to follow a guide on how to perform squats. Use Google to find tricks and tips about Squats, that will help you a lot.
Now, I don't know about the other bodybuilders, but I think that lunges are really hard to do with weights. Most of the times I do them, have the feeling I am going to fall on the ground from exhaustion.
The reason is that this exercise is driving your body crazy. It is working so many muscle groups, one of them are your abs. This workout costs a lot of energy so be sure that you have taken enough complex carbs before the workout to keep you going. They also increase your metabolic rate, meaning you are going burn fat all the time.
If you are trying to get a six pack, a ripped six pack, or even an eight pack, you MUST do these exercises. Now you can still do the ab workouts, but I think you should focus more on these three.
  • They inrease metabolism (helps lose fat)
  • They increase testestorone (helps gain muscle)
  • They increase the flow of growth hormone (helps gain muscle)
  • They train three or more muscle groups at one time
  • They help you get strong abs and lower back
Learn how to perform these exercises. To make sure you will not mess up.

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