Saturday, June 18, 2011


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As we all know, when it comes to weight loss and muscle gains nutrition comes first. I just came across this book called "Metabolic Cooking". This book gives us a chance to lose fat and get our abs faster than ever. So keep reading to find out more.

Is Metabolic Cooking a scam?
NO! You can be sure that you will have 100% results from the book. You will lose fat and get your abs ready faster than ever. Just take a look at the pictures at their website. They show pictures of Karine Losier, which has an amazing body, and is the author of the book, and they show pictures of their clients, they have wonderful results. It cheap, there is no chance for it to be a scam. It's only for 47$ instead for 100$ - 300$. Don't miss your chance guy.

What is Metabolic Cooking?
Metabolic Cooking is a nutrition and cooking program. The goal of the book is to help people eat better for fat loss and improved health. The program is created by Dave Ruel a well known nutrition coach, and this partner in life Karine Losier. The program helps you do three main things.
  1. Cook easy to make dishes which will help you boost your metabolism. This will help you burn fat while sitting on one place. Heck even while you are sleeping
  2. It gives you a big option to pick from 236 recipes so you don't get tired from the same foods each day
  3. Shows you how to avoid unhealthy food that will make you gain unwanted fat
For me personally it's really fun to follow this program. I have a chance to taste amazing dishes.
You can read more at their website.

Should I buy Metabolic Cooking
Yes you should. There are three reasons for that:
It's fun to taste dishes that are at the same time really healthy for and really tasty
You will be burning fat while watching TV, sleeping, listening to music. Heck even while reading this article.
The book is cheap. It's only for 47$ instead for 100$ - 300$. You save up to 53$ and more, and you get the best book out there.
I have to book for 1 weeks now and I have dropped my body fat to 5% from 7%. Considering that I am an bodybuilder and it's harder for us to lose fat, think about how much you can lose for 2 weeks.
A lot of people are trying to lose 2% for 2 weeks from 15% to 13%. With this book for two weeks you are going to go from 15% body fat to 10% or less.

Don't miss your chance. Go ahead and by the book and start losing fat NOW! You will get your abs faster than ever the clean way, with NO DRUGS, with NO DIET PILLS.


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