Wednesday, June 22, 2011



If you are reading this article that means you want to lose weight. You want to get the body of your dreams. You want to look good with your bikini. And you want all of this information to be in your grasp.
I have got good news for you. I found a book which will bring you great success with your body transformation.

About me: First let me answer you why you should listen to me. I am John Gregory, a bodybuilder with 6 years of experience. I have helped hundreds of people offline and online. You can believe me that the book I am talking about is 100% guarantee to work for you!

The book is called "The Diet Solution". The book will show you everything going from the food to eat to the exercises to do.
I wanted to test the book. I wanted to see if the book will really help people and if it does, I will put it on my blog.

As we know the food is what you need to lose weight. The book comes with really good diet ideas. There are so many dishes that you can cook up. The best part is that there are so many recipes that you will never get bored. You will be losing weight, being healthy, and eating delicious food. I used some of the ideas given in the book. They are really tasty. But that's not all. The book has really well explained everything about weight loss. Every single step you need to do get success. Keep reading to see that the book is not a scam.

Is The Diet Solution a scam? No, it's not. It's actually a really good looking book, full with amazing content, that will really help you lose fat. I saw that the book has good information, now came time to test it out on some one. I gave the book to my friend Shelly. I told her to use the book, to follow, and do everything from the book. I told her, after one 2-3 weeks to come back, or write to me to tell me what happened.
Two weeks later she wrote to me via Skype. I still have the chat:
[15:51:59] - Shelly (sun) : JOHN !
[15:52:05] - JohnGregory: Yes, Shelly?
[15:52:15] - Shelly (sun) : IT WORKED JOHN, I LOST 10 pounds for 2 weeks I am so happy I wanna kiss you
[15:52:42] - JohnGregory: Really? So the book worked for you?
[15:53:03] - Shelly (sun) : Yes, I am so happy, I can't wait for the month to pass!

I was not done. I told Shelly to give the book to Rosan, a friend of mine. I don't have the chat with her, because I was talking on the phone with her. But she said "John, about the book that you gave me, I've lost 12 pounds for 9 days, I am so happy"
I was convinced. So I gave the book to other friends. They got amazing results also. So i decided to share the book here.

Most of the online gurus want up to 100 dollars for cheap information that they copy from google. And there are people that are buying them. Don't miss your chance and buy the book your self. Click the link bellow.


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  1. I ordered the book, it gonna be a gift for my wife :)