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Bodybuilding supplements are an important part of the bodybuilder's life. The truth is that it's going to be hard for you to even gain an inch of muscle on your arms if you are not using supplements.

I personally am only using one supplement and that supplement is protein powder (the bodybuilder's friend). The reason I am not using any "muscle growth supplements" also known as "Creatine" is because I want my muscles to be real.

In this article I would like to share with you how protein powder (bodybuilding supplement) can aid you with your muscle gains and fat loss along the way, in other words help you become a real bodybuilder.
Protein Powder

Protein powder is by far the best and most common bodybuilding supplement. The reason I love it so much is, because it helps you increase the protein value in your meals, easily. The problem is that there so many myths and lies about this supplement that are annoying me so very much. And here they are:
  1. Protein Powder is a drug
  2. Protein Powder is bad for your organism
  3. Protein Powder makes your muscles grow faster
These are the most common lies about this product that I have been hearing for the past couple of years.

1.Protein Powder is a drug
The first one states that "Protein Powder is a drug". You have got no idea how much times I have heard this. Many people think that when a bodybuilder is using protein powder, he is on drugs, and is not a clean bodybuilder. I laugh every time I hear this.

The truth: Protein powder is not a drug. It's a food add-on as I call it. If you don't have enough protein in your meal, you can easily add some to increase the value.

2.Protein Powder is bad for your organism
The only way protein powder will be bad for your organism is if you take too much of it. This way you will damage your kidneys. But please remember that everything good in big amounts is BAD FOR YOU!

The truth: Protein powder even has minerals and vitamins that are going aid you. It's full with protein, which means that it's going to help you with your muscle problems and bone problems.

3.Protein Powder makes your muscles grow faster
A lot of beginners like to believe this. The most famous supplement that REALLY helps your muscles grow faster is called "Creatine". This supplement has nothing to do with protein powder. It fills your muscles with fluids making them look big, they are not real! I personally don't like this supplement.

The truth: Protein powder will only help you as a meal replacement. If you don't have anything ready to eat make your self a fast protein shake. Protein will help your muscles rebuild, it will not make them grow.

A cool thing about Protein
If you are worried about the taste of protein. Not to worry. It comes in many varieties such as chocolate, vanilla, banana, apples, and many many more. This is another reason I love protein powder, it's tasty too.

There are a lot of bodybuilding supplements that will aid to become a better bodybuilder. Protein powder is one of them, by far the best bodybuilding supplement ever created. The myths are broken, don't believe them anymore. If you don't have anything ready to eat, a meal that you have cooked before that, you can always make your self a protein shake to fill you up.

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  1. Are there any side effects with these supplements?

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  2. @John Alexander from the protein powder no.. if you don't take a lot of it, everything is ok. From the steroids there is, but that is not a supplement, it's a drug!

  3. Are these supplements useful? Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Great blog. Will any whey protein do? or should i get a certain one

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  11. True, myths about sports supplements like protein powder have been spreading like wild fire. Thank you for busting these fictitious stories.


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