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"How to get a flat belly fast?" this question has been asked a lot of times from both women and men. Now the answer is pretty simple actually, lose stomach fat. Now I have created a "How to get a six pack" series here in this blog, but I wanted to share with you an awesome secret that will help you get a flat belly faster than ever.

It's not exactly a secret, more like a well kept information. As we all know to get a flat belly you need to lose fat. And because you cannot lose fat only from your stomach area, you will have to lose fat from your body. OK enough with the chit chat here is the secret.

Before your breakfast you are going to do a low intensity cardio. Remember, Low Intensity Cardio. And you are going to do this for only 5 to 10 minutes. And if you are wondering "why?" or "why not more?" I am going to answer you.

While you are sleeping you are still using carbohydrates, because your organs are still working. In the morning, after the 6-7 hours sleep, you have no carbohydrates in your body.

When your body is low in carbohydrates it uses fat for energy. That is why you are gaining fat if you are eating too much carbs, fats, or protein, your body is saving it, so it can use it later in the future as an energy source.

This means that for 5-10 minutes you are going to burn fat. So if you burn up to 70 calories for 9 minutes you are going to lose 8g of fat from your body. If you are doing this 2 times a week you are going to lose up to 16g of fat (which is pretty good). I said 2 times instead of 6-7 times a week for a reason, keep reading to find out.

Why Low Intensity
First let me answer this question "why low intensity instead of high intensity". HIIT cardio uses mostly carbohydrates as an energy source. Because our body has none of them, it's going to start using fat as an energy source, but because High intensity cardio also works our muscles, it's going to make us destroy muscle tissue, in other words lose muscle. And that is the last thing that you would like to happen to you.

Why Twice A Week
Doing it more than 2 times a week is a really bad idea. Your body needs fat to live (that is how the body thinks). After all it's an energy source. If your body starts losing a lot of fat rapidly, it will do everything to keep it. You will start losing muscle instead of fat. And even worse you are going to start gaining even more fat. So remember doing this more than twice a week is a bad idea. We want to lose fat, not muscle.

Why For 5-10 minutes
Doing this in the morning is a good idea to lose fat. Doing more than 10 minutes and you are going to start pushing it too far. In the end you are going to start losing muscle again. Try to go for 5-10 minutes, it's perfect for your body. This way you are going to lose fat and you are going to keep your muscles safe.

There you go an easy to follow guide to fat loss and getting a flat belly faster than ever. I think that if you do this twice a week and have a good diet, you are going to get a flat belly in no more than 2-3 weeks.

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