Friday, July 29, 2011

Building chest muscles

Building chest muscles, before you read this article I want you to know one thing, chest muscles are hard to build. Getting a big chest isn't going to happen after 1-2 weeks of hard training. You are going to build a good looking chest after 2-3 months of hard workouts. That is the painful truth about the pecs (the chest muscles).

Don't panic, there are good news. There is a way to increase your muscle gains and instead of waiting 2-3 long months filled with hard workouts, you can get a big chest for only 1-2 months. It might not sound like it's faster, but believe me, as a bodybuilder 1 month is a lot of time.

Building chest muscles
First, I would like to explain how the chest muscles work. They are not for pushing nor pulling, the chest muscles work by stretching. Take in mind the simple exercise called bench press and take a look how his arms are going down as much as possible so a bodybuilder can get the maximum stretch out of that exercise, which will lead to big gains in the chest area. Building chest muscles is really hard, many people have no idea how to do it, and other are lazy enough to not even try.

There are three sets of chest muscles. Upper chest, Medium chest, and Lower chest. There are a couple of exercises that will allow us to build good looking chest muscles.

Chest building exercises
There are two kinds of ways to perform exercises that will help you gain muscle in that area.

1. With your body weight (exercises that you can perform without any weights)
2. With weights (exercises that you can perform while using weights)
There are great exercises at the both, but if you ask me, if you are trying to get a BIG chest you will need to use weights. You can even combine bodyweight exercises wight weight exercises.
Take a look at the best chest building exercises that will help you get the needed stretch for your chest muscles to grow.

Chest building weight exercises
Flat bench press
Decline bench press
Incline bench press

Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell decline bench press
Dumbbell incline bench press

Dumbbell flys
Dumbbell decline flys
Dumbbell incline flys

Chest building bodyweight exercises Push-ups
Incline push-ups
Decline push-ups
Chest dips

There you go. The best chest building exercises that will help you build big chest muscles. Following this easy information will help you get your big chest in no time.

Chest muscles are hard to get, but there is a way around that. Increase your muscle gains and start building chest muscles faster. Using these weight and bodyweight exercises will help you get a big chest in no time.

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