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Getting a six pack is really easy, if you know what you are doing of course. I have seen so many false information for the past couple of years, posted by some false online gurus that love lying to people. I have seen articles like "Workout to get a six pack" or "exercises get six pack abs" the truth is that exercising your abs will not give you a visible six pack.

If you are confused, don't be. You are about to find out the truth about six pack.

The Truth

The truth is that exercise will not help you get a visible six pack. Every body has abs (Abs are muscles that help your body stay up, they are not made to show of), but they are hiding under a layer of fat. The only way you are going to get visible abs is if you lose that fat.

Spot Removal
Many people think that there is such a thing as a spot removal (removing fat from only one spot on your body). The truth is that there is nothing of this sort. The only way you are going to get visible abs is if you lose fat from all over your body. From your legs, chest, arms, neck, face, and abs.

There are three things that you MUST remember if you are trying to lose fat.

1. Nutrition - Nutrition is really important. Changing your diet will really help you increase your metabolism and start losing fat while watching TV.

2. Cardio - Cardio will help you burn some extra fat from your body. If you are doing the right kind of cardio you will increase your metabolism for 12-24 hours (I am talking about High Intensity Interval Cardio).

3. Weight training - You are going to gain muscle, which burns fat more, and you are going to increase your metabolism after the HARD workout.
If you follow these three things, if you use them, you are going to have no problems getting a six pack.

Getting a six pack by exercising your abs is impossible, the only way is by losing fat. Spot removal is not true, in other words you will have to lose fat from all over your body. There are three things that will help you with your fat loss quest nutrition, cardio, and weight training.

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  5. many people always tend to avoid weight exercise, because they think that cardio is enough to loose fat, but if you want good abs, then you will have to focus on weight training too. It enhances the fat loss progress.

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